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Supernovae information

z 0.869
RA, DEC 02:23:46.93, -06:08:12.3
RA, DEC (deg) 35.9455, -6.13675
SN discovery ATel#6635
SN reference
SN peak magnitude
Filter (SN)
Ha line in observed frame

Host galaxy information

z 0.869
Host magnitude 27.18+1.24-1.24  
Filter (host) MegaPrime-r
Ha line in observed frame
Host reference
Stellar mass 7.3+1.13-0.78  [2]
SFR (SED) 0.09+0.51-0.05  [2]
SFR (Ha)
sSFR (SED) 4.51
sSFR (Ha)
12+log(O/H) (PP04 N2)
12+log(O/H) (KK04 R23)
12+log(O/H) Te